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Custom Fabricated Glass

If it includes glass, Guardian can probably do it

Guardian has built its reputation as an expert on glass - all kinds of glass.  When you need glass for a specialized application or a custom size, we can help you find what you need.

Insulating Glass - Stand by a basic window in the middle of winter and you can feel the cold penetrate the glass. Similarly, you cannot escape the heat from the summer sun. This is because a single pane of glass alone has minimal insulating value. But put two panes of glass together, separated by a sealed air space and you dramatically improve the thermal performance of a window, keeping heat in during the winter months and out during the summer.

Guardian SunGuard coatings provide substantial improvements - up to 50 percent in U-values and solar heat gain coefficients compared to uncoated insulating glass unities.

Custom Fabrication - When you need more than standard glass - special cutting or edging or the like, look no further than Guardian's custom fabrication services, which include machine ground and polished edge work, drilling and countersinking, notching, V-grooving, beveling, sandblasting and pattern cutting.

Guardian Select Fabricators - The Guardian Select Fabricators are trained and certified by Guardian to meet rigorous and exacting standards for glass fabrication. Visit our Select Fabricator Locator to find the fabricators that service the area of your project.

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