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Energy-Efficient/Low-E Glass

Manage solar heat with Guardian energy-efficient glass

Low-emissivity (low-E) coatings are microscopically thin metal layers that are deposited on a window surface to help keep heat on the same side of the glass from which it originated. Depending on the climate, and whether it's for commercial, residential or automotive use, Guardian has developed a number of different coatings to achieve specific results. The goal is to find the proper balance between capturing and reflecting solar heat.

ClimaGuard® Residential Enhanced Solar Control Low-E Glass - ClimaGuard Low-E gives homeowners the energy saving benefits of low-E glass, with each product in the series designed for a specific climate. For example, in Michigan, you want to capture solar heat to offset heating costs, but in Florida, that same glass would not be effective because the goal there is to limit solar heat gain to save on cooling costs.

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SunGuard® Advanced Architectural Low-E and Solar Control Glass - Architects build with light and create amazing livable environments, but there are challenges. That's why SunGuard Advanced Architectural products were created to exceed the performance of ordinary low-E glass. In fact, independent studies have shown that over a 10-year period, SunGuard coated glass products can save thousands of dollars in upfront and ongoing energy-related costs for a typical commercial building.

See the full list of SunGuard's Low-E and Solar Control glass.

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