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Glass Care & Handling

General Glass Handling and Maintenance Guidelines

All flat glass products require specific care and handling procedures to prevent damage to the glass from external sources, including scratching and rub marks from other glass products, as well as from adverse environmental conditions.The risk of surface and edge damage increases as the glass is exposed to repeated handling and prolonged storage under improper conditions.

Uncoated flat glass, tinted glass and coated glass products should be handled and stored to reduce potential damage to the glass, as described in the Glass Association of North America’s (GANA) Construction Site Protection document TD 03-1003. There are a variety of helpful documents available at If you are a GANA member you can access and download these documents through your GANA log-in information. If you are not a GANA member, there is a link to the GANA store where the documents may be purchased.

In addition, Guardian’s SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass coated products have specific glass handling and fabrication guidelines available to Select Fabricators certified to process these products. These guidelines were created for coated glass but can also be considered best practices for uncoated glass as well. The following is a summary of these guidelines – for more complete information please call the Guardian information hotline at 1.866.482.7374.

1. Proper receiving and storage is critical to the long-term performance of SunGuard Solar, High Performance, SuperNeutral low-E and reflective coated products, as well as Interior Surface (IS) coated glass products.

  • Glass must be unloaded under dry, indoor conditions.
  • Glass must be protected from the elements (e.g., rain, snow, splashing water, etc.) at all times.
  • Customers should not accept delivery of wet glass.
  • Customers should notify the trucking carrier immediately and then notify Guardian if a shipment arrives wet or damaged.

2. Rotate glass stock to use the oldest product first (i.e., First In, First Out).

3. Glass must be stored in a dry environment protected from direct weather or chemical exposure.

  • Do not store products within 50 feet (15.25 meters) of glass washers, outside doors or corrosive chemical storage areas.
  • Avoid contact between glass and corrosive materials that could damage the glass or coatings (e.g., concrete, plaster, building runoff).
  • Do not store glass products outdoors.

4. The maximum product shelf life for all annealed SunGuard Solar, High Performance and SuperNeutral coated glass products is six months. This time frame is based on testing under normal plant conditions. It will vary if the glass is stored in an environment with high temperature and high humidity. While uncoated glass does not have a specific shelf life, glass is subject to staining based on heat, humidity and other storage conditions.


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For more information, contact the Guardian information hotline:

Phone: 1.866.482.7374


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