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Spandrel Glass

Showcase your design, not construction materials

Spandrel glass is used between areas of vision glass to conceal building components such as columns, floors, HVAC systems, wiring or plumbing.

Designs calling for large areas of glass, such as curtain walls or structural glazing, often include spandrel glass. Depending on the design, the spandrel color may contrast the vision glass or complement it.

Complementing spandrel glass to vision glass can be difficult. Daylight conditions can have a dramatic effect on the perception of vision-to-spandrel appearance. A sunny day provides a higher reflective appearance, which may improve the vision-to-spandrel match. An overcast day may allow more visual transmission from the exterior and produce greater contrast between the vision and spandrel glass.

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NEW: SunGuard® Spandrel HT
Achieve your design vision with SunGuard Spandrel HT back-painted glass. A new SunGuard product offering, Spandrel HT provides uniform color on back-painted glass. A cutting-edge proprietary coating brings superior durability to conventional frits prior to heat treating. After heat treating, the coating bonds to the glass for a smooth look and long-lasting beauty in your architectural projects.

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Insulating Spandrel Recommendations for SunGuard Products
Spandrel HT is intended for insulating glass applications. Page two of this flyer discusses other colors and options to meet your vision.
Spandrel Recommendations for SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass

SunGuard vision glass and SunGuard Spandrel HT glass can be an important part of your design solution. We’ll be pleased to help you make the right choice to give your project long-lasting beauty.

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