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Architectural Design Managers

Guardian’s Architectural Design Managers have extensive commercial glass experience. These dedicated professionals are fully engaged in educating architects and promoting our products and your capabilities. They truly believe that cooperation and communication are the best path to success.


Brian Craft - IL, KS, MO (Kansas City & St. Louis), WI

Phone: 630.945.8414

Email: bcraft@guardian.com

Doug Craven - CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT

Phone: 774.570.0214

Email: dcraven@guardian.com

Kreg Hatfield - MI, OH, IN, KY (Lexington & Louisville)

Phone: 810.964.0074

Email: khatfield@guardian.com

Jacob Kasbrick - AL, KY, LA, MS, TN

Phone: 615.653.0430

Email: jkasbrick@guardian.com

Alan Kinder - GA, NC, SC

Phone: 704.572.7280

Email: akinder@guardian.com

Bruce Milley - NYC, ON (Toronto), QC

Phone: 613.447.2144

E-mail: bmilley@guardian.com

Leigh Paulk - FL

Phone: 407.276.5693

Email: lpaulk@guardian.com

Chris Randisi - DC, MD, VA

Phone: 703.609.4039

Email: crandisi@guardian.com

Heather Sakai - ON

Phone: 905.510.9420

Email: hsakai@guardian.com

Eddy Scott - PA, NJ, NY, DE, WV

Phone: 610.246.4586

Email: escott@guardian.com

Danielle Tyson - NYC

Phone: 201.819.9844

Email: dtyson@guardian.com


Conleigh Bauer - AR, OK, North TX & Dallas

Phone: 678.689.8242

Email: cbauer@guardian.com

Heather Brion - CO, NM, UT, WY

Phone: 303.588.4245

Email: hbrion@guardian.com

Bryce Given - AK, OR, WA, BC, 

Phone: 206.406.6403

Email: bgiven@guardian.com

Tracy Naugle - CA, AZ, NV, HI

Phone: 626.221.0803

Email: tnaugle@guardian.com

Kelly Thavenet - IA, MN, NE, Central MO, ND, SD, MB - Winnipeg

Phone: 563.343.5624

Email: kthavenet@guardian.com

Amanda Wiemer - South TX

Phone: 281.660.9811

Email: awiemer@guardian.com

Ben Williams - AB, ID, MT, SK

Phone: 206.948.4919

Email: bwilliams3@guardian.com

Steve Versland - TX

Phone: 832.628.1269

Email: sversland@guardian.com

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