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NEW: Guardian Deco HT™

New spandrel glass technology

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Uniform color on back-painted glass for long-lasting beauty

Achieve your design vision with Guardian Deco HT back-painted glass. Deco HT brings true, uniform color to back-painted spandrel glass, concealing the area between a building’s floors.

Curtainwall and structurally glazed designs often require the use of spandrel glass. Deco HT is easy to cut and fabricate into final sizes.

A cutting-edge proprietary coating brings superior durability to conventional frits prior to heat treating. During heat treating, the coating fuses to the glass providing a uniform appearance. After heat treating, the coating permanently bonds to the glass and has the characteristics of a ceramic frit.

Guardian Deco HT is available in three commonly specified colors: white, warm gray and black. Use these colors to create harmony or contrast with the vision glass area.

We recommend full-size mock-ups be prepared and approved to confirm the most desirable spandrel option for your project.

At a glance:

  • Three common colors: warm gray, white and black
  • Stock sheet sizes: 96" x 130" and 100" x 144"
  • True, uniform color

Read the Deco HT flyer for more ways to Build With Light®.

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Use our Tools and Resources for Further Evaluation and Specification Writing

Evaluating, specifying, visualizing and more can be accomplished with the Tools and Resources we provide for you. From our Performance Comparison Tool and Glass Visualizer to a suite of Glass Analytics software tools we can help you choose the right SunGuard Glass for your project.

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