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Renovate by Berkowitz™

A new, innovative renovation system for commercial buildings.

Renovating commercial buildings to improve energy efficiency typically
requires replacing monolithic glass or old, drafty windows with newer, more energy-efficient glass. However, ripping out and replacing windows can be expensive and time-consuming - and may not be the best option. To address this issue, J.E. Berkowitz (JEB) developed and patented the Renovate by Berkowitz™ Window Retrofit System using Guardian SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass.

Intended for commercial buildings over 30 years old, the Renovate system maintains a building’s exterior by hermetically sealing a factory-made IGU to the interior surface of
the existing glazing. Using argon gas fill and SunGuard low-E coatings, U-factor and solar heat gain can be significantly reduced and help buildings qualify for LEED points in four categories.

Renovate by Berkowitz™ is available in three configurations employing combinations of SunGuard SuperNeutral 68, SNX 62/27 and SunGuard IS 20.

At a glance:

  • Significantly lower cost than a complete facade rip out/replacement
  • Interior installation - minimal disruption to existing tenants
  • Excellent solution for historic buildings where rip out is not an option
  • Sound reduction, improved tenant comfort

Go to the Renovate by Berkowitz web site to learn more. 

Read the Renovate by Berkowitz sales flyer.

SunGuard 2016 Renovate diagram1

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