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Product Literature

Guardian SunGuard product literature gives you the accurate, detailed information you need to choose the right Advanced Architectural Glass, including:

  • Types of glass
  • Performance capabilities
  • Glazing procedures
  • Proper handling and maintenance

Use the following document links to view or download the information in PDF format:

Product Brochures and Flyers

SunGuard Product Brochure
SunGuard Technical Brochure
SunGuard Guide to LEED v3 & v4
SunGuard Product Summary Flyer
SunGuard SuperNeutral Series Flyer
SunGuard UltraClear Flyer
SunGuard SNR 43 Flyer
SunGuard SNX Flyer
SunGuard SN 54 Flyer
SunGuard AG Flyer
SunGuard Neutral 78/65 Flyer
 SunGuard Crystal-Tints Flyer
Glass Analytics Flyer

  SunGuard Laminated Glass Flyer
SunGuard Embedded Laminated Flyer
SNX-L 62/34 Laminated Glass Flyer
SNX-L 62/34 Bird-Friendly Glass Flyer
SunGuard IS 20 Flyer
SunGuard IS 20 Technical Information
Spandrel Glass Color Selection Guide
SunGuard Spandrel HT Glass
SunGuard Spandrel HT Warranty
SunGuard Product Warranty
Thermal Stress Management
How To View Glass Samples
North American Glass Products

Coating Detection

If you are a glass fabricator or other glass professional who needs to identify SunGuard coatings on glass, please use the following links to find the proper coating detector.  SunGuard sputter-coated glass does not have the surface roughness of pyrolytic films and cannot easily be felt. Touching the coated surface with bare hands or with gloves is not a reliable method for detecting the coated surface. Guardian recommends using coating detectors produced by EDTM, such as the Interior Surface Low-E Detector - RD1850, designed and calibrated specifically for identifying SunGuard IS-20 interior surface coating. If you have more questions, however, please call us at 1-866-GuardSG (482-7374) to consult with a SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass specialist, or click here to order a sample.

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