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Product Literature

Guardian SunGuard product literature gives you the accurate, detailed information you need to choose the right Advanced Architectural Glass, including:

  • Types of glass
  • Performance capabilities
  • Glazing procedures
  • Proper handling and maintenance

Use the following document links to view or download the information in PDF format:

Product Brochures and Flyers

SunGuard Product Brochure
SunGuard Technical Brochure
SunGuard Guide to LEED v3 & v4
SunGuard Product Summary Flyer
SunGuard SuperNeutral Flyer
SunGuard UltraClear Flyer
SunGuard SNR 43 Flyer
SunGuard SNX Flyer
SunGuard SN 54 Flyer
SunGuard AG Flyer
SunGuard Neutral 78/65 Flyer
 SunGuard Crystal-Tints Flyer
Glass Analytics Flyer

  SunGuard Laminated Glass Flyer
SunGuard Embedded Laminated Flyer
SNX-L 62/34 Laminated Glass Flyer
SNX-L 62/34 Bird-Friendly Glass Flyer
SunGuard IS 20 Flyer
SunGuard IS 20 Technical Information
Spandrel Glass Flyer - ICD
Spandrel Glass Color Selection Guide - ICD
SunGuard Spandrel HT Glass
SunGuard Spandrel HT Warranty
SunGuard Product Warranty
Thermal Stress Management
How To View Glass Samples
North American Glass Products

Coating Detection

If you are a glass fabricator or other glass professional who needs to identify SunGuard coatings on glass, please use the following links to find the proper coating detector.  SunGuard sputter-coated glass does not have the surface roughness of pyrolytic films and cannot easily be felt. Touching the coated surface with bare hands or with gloves is not a reliable method for detecting the coated surface. Guardian recommends using coating detectors produced by EDTM, such as the Interior Surface Low-E Detector - RD1850, designed and calibrated specifically for identifying SunGuard IS-20 interior surface coating. If you have more questions, however, please call us at 1-866-GuardSG (482-7374) to consult with a SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass specialist, or click here to order a sample.

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