ClimaGuard® Dry

Outstanding performance without condensation

Guardian ClimaGuard® Dry is an anti-external condensation glass that is used as the outer pane of a highly insulated double or triple glazed unit. Exceptionally insulated glazing can, at certain times of the year, be affected by buildup of condensation on the external glass surface. This is largely attributed to the exceptional thermal performance of the glazing which is so efficient at retaining heat --preventing internal heat from reaching the external pane -- that condensation builds up on the outer pane. Guardian ClimaGuard®Dry glass greatly reduces this condensation as the glass coating works to reduce condensation formation on the glass surface.

Significant condensation reduction

Through an advanced coating applied to outer pane

Highly durable coating

Requires no special maintenance

Combine with other ClimaGuard coatings

In a double-glazed or triple-glazed unit

Neutral colour

For bright, uniform clarity both inside and out

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