Float Glass

Float Glass

Our ExtraClear® float glass is Guardian Glass’ standard base glass, which can support any type of application, be it in the residential, architectural or specialty segment. Its light transmission is higher than standard base glass products found on the market, and it is the most adaptable of Guardian Glass’ products.


The residual colour of Guardian ExtraClear is neutral, enabling it to work on a wide range of glass applications. Thanks to its <500ppm (<0.05%) iron levels, it is one of the best in class base glass products.


In applications that require safety glass, Guardian ExtraClear can be tempered or heat strengthened by a Guardian Glass certified glass processor.


Guardian ExtraClear is available in multiple sizes, from 2 to 15mm and up to 7.8m. It can be laminated, coated, painted, silk-screened, bent… and is produced in all of Guardian Glass’ plants, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.