Guardian LamiGlass®

You don't have to see it to feel safe

Guardian LamiGlass® comprises two or more panes of glass bonded together using clear PVB interlayers. By combining different variations of glass thicknesses and numbers of interlayers, various performance levels can be achieved, ranging from safety and security to ballistic and blast-resistant. The PVB interlayer absorbs up to 99.5% of UV light, helping to reduce fading and aging in furnishing and artwork. Guardian LamiGlass® can also be combined with Guardian SunGuard® and Guardian ClimaGuard® coated products to add solar control and thermal insulation. Guardian LamiGlass® is used in many applications including curtain walls, facades, windows, overhead glazing, partitions, balustrades, floors, doors, furniture, aquariums, art galleries and museums.


PVB interlayer helps to retain broken glass fragments if the glass is broken, reducing risk of injuries.


Can be used where resistance to manual attack or forced entry is required, as well as blast and ballistic-resistant applications.

UV Protection

PVB interlayers absorb up to 99.5% of UV light, which helps reduce fading and ageing effects.