Glass Type:

Low-iron glass

Build with crystal transparency

With its lower iron content, low-iron glass removes the greenish tint associated with standard float glass. It can be used almost anywhere that standard float glass is used. Low-iron glass increases light transmission and has a crystal-clear appearance.

Increase light transmission while neutralising the green colour of standard glass

Low-iron glass has a lower iron content, which removes the greenish tint associated with standard float glass. The glass can be used almost anywhere regular float glass is used, particularly in applications requiring increased visible light, reduced solar transmission and a crystal-clear appearance.

Low-iron glass is ideal when the colour of glass needs to disappear in order to accentuate an application or decorative treatment. Often used in displays, interior doors and partitions, railings, floors, stairs, surfaces, shower enclosures and table tops and other surfaces. Tight tolerances provide minimal edge colour variation across various cut sizes and glass thicknesses.

Guardian UltraClear® low-iron glass offers outstanding clarity and an ice blue edge. It can be combined with a variety of GuardianGlass® architectural and decorative glass products such as high endurance glass, acid-etched privacy glass, true image reflectance mirror glass, anti-reflective glass, laminated glass for sound control and security applications and painted or enamelled glass with a shiny opaque appearance.

Our Low Iron Solution