Spandrel Glass

Does Guardian supply spandrel glass? How do I get my spandrel glass and vision glass to match in appearance?

Guardian does not manufacture spandrel glass directly, although SunGuard coatings can be an important part of your spandrel glass solution.

Generally speaking, matching spandrel glass to vision glass that has either high-transmittance or low-reflection can be difficult. The degree of color and visual similarity of a building’s vision and spandrel glass can vary greatly depending on several factors: light transmission, time of day, sky conditions and interior shading.

Higher light-transmitting glass will require more complementary spandrel glass, while lower transmitting/higher reflecting glass can provide a better matching spandrel. Whatever the project, we always recommend a full-sized outdoor mockup be constructed to provide the most accurate view of vision and spandrel glass.

We recommend that you contact Guardian’s Technical Advisory Center for more information about spandrel glass.