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Build with crystal clarity

UltraClear low-iron glass gives architects unprecedented control over light. It virtually eliminates the greenish cast associated with traditional glass—for an ice blue edge and clearly stunning results.

Accentuate the structure and color of your surroundings

Guardian UltraClear provides outstanding light transmission and clarity that makes any application with special decorative or structural elements more vivid and true. Standard glass can distort any light color. The neutral color of UltraClear eliminates this concern. All that is left is form and light. The result is unparalleled beauty and performance in doors, walls and wall coverings, railings, bath/shower enclosures, retail displays and fixtures, elevators and escalators, mirrors, furniture and case goods, floors and stairways, surfaces and tables.

Advanced technology from Guardian

Our low-iron glass increases light transmission and neutralizes the green color of standard glass leaving a crystal clear appearance. Tight tolerances provide minimal edge color variation across various cut sizes and glass thicknesses.

Heighten the clarity of Guardian performance products

UltraClear can be fabricated, laminated, painted, cut and tempered just like ordinary float glass. To achieve specialized performance, you can use it in combination with key Guardian products.

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Float glass products are available throughout Europe through an extensive network of glass professionals. to get started.
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