Glass for Architectural Applications

Glass for facades, windows, skylights, balustrades, cladding, louvers

Choosing the right glass for an architectural project can drastically improve a building’s appearance, both from inside and outside. Performance wise, choosing the right type of glass may help to reduce energy consumption of a building for years to come. Whether you need glass for facades, windows, skylights, balustrades, cladding, louvers or any architectural application, Guardian Glass can help you find the right glass to suit your need.

Guardian Glass offers a range of high performance glass products for architectural projects, providing superb aesthetics, solar control, thermal insulation, low reflection, anti-glare, safety and security, sound reduction, decoration and privacy.


High-performance architectural glass that helps architects and designers Build With Light®

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Residential glass that welcomes natural light and neutralizes the negative effects of the sun and frigid temperatures

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