Glass for Museums

Guardian Clarity™: Anti-Reflective Glass For Museum Showcases

In museums, glass displays are used to protect precious artefacts from damage or distress, while presenting them in the best possible light. But sometimes the glass itself can act as an obstruction to the view. Unwanted glare and reflection prevent visitors from having a crystal-clear view and seeing the object in its original colour. Guardian Clarity™ can virtually remove unwanted glare and reflection enabling closer, more intimate interaction with the displayed object. Further on, it provides security, safety and ultraviolet (UV) protection properties — critical for priceless objects on display.

Glass for Museums

How we can help

As a museum designer, curator, director, scenographer or showcase builder, you are striving to achieve a perfect exhibition for the artifacts by providing the best interaction for the visitors. Guardian Clarity allows you to focus on getting the best out of the showcase itself, without compromise: think of our glass as the invisible glass, — while it creates a physical barrier to protect the object, leaving the precious artefact behind the glass clearly visible. We also recognise that every museum display project is unique in terms of its glass requirements. We work closely with you to ensure the best glass products are selected to meet all your requirements.

Photo Frank Weber Courtesy of MNHA, Luxembourg

Guardian Clarity - The unseen hero of museum displays

Guardian Clarity can reduce reflection from 8 % to around 0.7 %, when compared to standard display glass. At the same time, light transmission is increased from 90 % to 98 %, (in case of 4mm thickness) resulting in a virtually distortion-free viewing experience through the glass. Guardian Clarity is available in thicknesses from 3 mm to 15 mm and as laminated glass from 3 + 3 up to 8 + 8 with various levels of safety, security and UV protection. Guardian Clarity can be laminated, toughened, bent, printed and processed to meet your requirements.

Keep valuables safe

Your museum valuables will be well protected behind our invisible glass. Guardian Clarity is supplied as standard on UltraClear Lami with various level of security (P2A-P6B), safety and ultraviolet (UV) protection.

Where Size Matters

Regardless of the size of your showcase, we work closely with you to develop the right solution. In addition to our standard stock sheet sizes, Guardian Clarity glass is also available in sizes of 3210 mm x 6000 mm, a clear advantage when large displays are needed.

Remerciements au musée du Louvres

Meet the unseen heroes

Behind every succesful exhibition there are a number of unseen heroes. From the museum director to the scenographer and the glass supplier, they are all contributed with specific skills to make the exhibition a work of art in itself. Here you get the chance to meet them.

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