The Orkla City Project: dynamic glazing for wellness-focused lighting

Orkla City Project: How Guardian Glass's high performance glazing promote user well-being

The Orkla City Project has succeeded in combining wellness, ecology and modernity in an office building located in the heart of Oslo. Guardian Glass's high performance glazing solutions, perfectly complemented by dynamic liquid crystal windows, have played an essential role in this! For full attention on the Orkla City Project, download the user case.

What are the characteristics of the Orkla Project?

Orkla, the world's leading supplier of consumer goods, is now headquartered in Skoyen, near Oslo, Norway. This impressive building, a real miniature city, is the emblem of contemporary architecture: intelligent, state-of-the-art, focused on the well-being of its occupants and, of course, highly eco-responsible! In this client case, you will review the details of the Orkla City Project, from its beginnings to its inauguration in March 2019.


Meet the Orkla City Project: a four experts combination

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The Perfect Match: Solution Designed for Each Application

The liquid crystal windows that made everything possible The main challenge for the design of the Orkla City Project was combining thermal insulation and facade transparency to maximize the comfort and wellness of its users. Keep the sun outside, while preserving the light - This is a common dilemma for all architects! However, using blinds or tinted glass weren’t viable options. It was necessary to aim higher and design a real success for the project team, the Orkla client and all users to:

  • Respect environmental constraints
  • Ensure on-demand lighting wellness with comfort, performance and aesthetics
  • deliver the project on-time
  • stay within the anticipated budget
  • ensure conformity across all types of materials

For these reasons, the project's designers, NSW Arkitektur and Staticus, chose dynamic liquid crystal eyrise® glazing solutions for the Orkla City Project cafeteria space.

Guardian Glass technology has made the Orkla City Project possible: merging multiple constraints in the interest of occupant well-being; an emblematic example of the architecture of the future!