Commercial application:

Glass balustrades and barriers

Glass can be safely used for balustrades, railings and barriers in a building, bringing natural light into open spaces. Glass balustrades allow light to pass through, reducing the need for artificial lighting and providing a natural source of daylight. Glass balustrades and barriers add a stylish, open plan feel to an office or public building.

Glass balustrades, railings and barriers reduce the need for artificial lighting and provide a natural source of daylight. Glass balustrades are used in buildings for a variety of functions, allowing the maximum flow of light and view both inside and outside the building. Balustrades are typically used around stairs and lifts, in guiding walkways to control the direction of pedestrian traffic, in external windows to prevent people falling out of a building, and on balconies and terraces either inside or outside.

By introducing natural daylight through the core of a building, glass balustrades can open up work space, giving the impression of open plan working with light spaces but also allowing for quiet or semi-private areas such as meeting rooms or rest and relaxation areas.

Guardian Glass offers a wide range of glass products for balustrades, barriers and railings, including clear or coloured laminated glass for safety and security (Guardian LamiGlass®and Guardian LamiGlass®Colour), laminated glass for sound control (Guardian LamiGlass Sound Control), acid-etched translucent glass (Guardian SatinDeco®) and laminated translucent glass with a range of coloured interlayers (Guardian SatinDeco®LamiGlass Colour).

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