Commercial application:

Glass elevators & escalators

Don’t just transport people. Move them.

Elevators (lifts) and escalators require glass that combines unparalleled aesthetics with functionality and safety. A glass elevator or escalator can add a stylish, elegant touch to a building.

The two most important considerations when selecting glass for elevators and escalators are design, load and safety. Combining the right thickness with laminated glass will achieve this. Other technical factors include glass size, thickness, finish and appearance. For improved aesthetics, coloured and textured glass can alter the feeling of depth, control visibility or diffuse light.

Guardian products offer a variety of styles, colours, textures and performance features well suited to elevators and escalators. Glass for elevators and escalators should provide a combination of good aesthetics with safety and functionality.

Our Elevator and Escalator Solutions

Guardian offers a wide range of products suitable for elevators and escalators, including Guardian DecoCristal®, Guardian DiamondGuard®, Guardian ExtraClear®Float, Guardian LamiGlass®Mirror SatinDeco, and Guardian UltraClear®. These products provide a variety of styles, colours, textures and performance features.