Commercial application:

Glass louvers

Glass louvers and screens for commercial buildings

Around the world, there is a growing trend in the use of glass louvers and screens for commercial buildings and retail storefronts driven by the increased desire for solar shading and to better control daylighting and energy efficiency throughout the building.

A glass louver consists of parallel glass slides set in a frame. Like a window blind, the louvers are locked together onto a track, so that they may be tilted open and shut in unison, to control airflow and light through the window. Glass louvers can be vertical or horizontal designs. The most common locations are in front of a building, restaurant or storefront.

The main purpose of a louver is to form an outer skin for solar shading. Typically, the glass panes can rotate to control the sunlight/shading. Screen constructions also exist to provide partition glazing in exterior and interior applications. Careful consideration should be given both to the type of louver or screen to be installed and how it will be supporter. In Europe, it is commonplace to see laminated glass used for louver/screens on commercial and public buildings, as well as retail storefronts.

Our products

Guardian Glass offers a variety of options for glass louvers, including a range of Guardian SunGuard®coatings for thermal insulation and solar control , Guardian LamiGlass®laminated glass for safety and sound reduction, Guardian SatinDeco®acid-etched translucent glass.


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