Commercial application:


Glass for partitions

Glass can be used for interior applications as partitions or divides throughout a building, bringing natural light into open spaces.

Glass partitions reduce the need for artificial lighting, while providing privacy, sound attenuation, decoration and impact resistance.

Glass partitions create an “open plan” working space filled with light but also allowing for quiet or semi-private areas. Translucent, decorative and coloured laminated glass can be used for internal glass partitions, adding varying degrees of light and obscurity.

Our Glass Partition Solutions

For glass partitions and divides, Guardian Glass offers clear or coloured laminated glass for safety and security - Guardian LamiGlass® and LamiGlass® Colour, laminated glass for sound control - Guardian LamiGlass® Sound Control, acid-etched translucent glass - Guardian SatinDeco®, laminated translucent glass with a range of coloured interlayers - Guardian SatinDeco® LamiGlass Colour and two-way mirrors for TV/digital displays - Guardian Dielectric Mirror.