Commercial application:

Storefronts & showcases

Glass that optimises the viewing experience

Used in retail street level displays and high-end retail storefronts, anti-reflective glass maximises visibility whilst minimising light reflection and glare, creating perfect, transparent, crystal-clear views through the glass, allowing the shop to showcase its products to their full potential.

Maximise visibility while minimising glare and reflections

Anti-reflective display glass provides clear, unobstructed views while reducing unwanted glare. Visibility through the glass is maximised, while reflection is minimised. Ideal for retail street level displays, high-end retail storefronts and any application where excessive glare or reflection creates an obstruction, including museum display glass, car showrooms, restaurants, sporting facilities, zoos and aquariums.

To maximise the “invisible” effect of Guardian ClarityTM anti-reflective glass and to highlight the products on display, it is available on Guardian UltraClearTM low-iron glass, which increases transparency while neutralising the green colour of standard glass for a crystal-clear appearance. The result is maximum transparency and incredible aesthetic appeal. Guardian ClarityTM can be tempered or heat strengthened for safety glass applications.

Our Retail and Storefront Glass Solutions

Guardian ClarityTM anti-reflective glass maximises visibility with minimum light reflection. It is available on Guardian UltraClearTM substrate, to achieve maximum transparency and incredible aesthetic appeal.


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