Residential application:

Glass for furniture

Glass can be used as a design feature in a wide variety of residential applications, for items such as furniture, case goods and surfaces including tabletops, display cabinets, shelves and vanities.

Glass for home furniture, case goods and surfaces

Choosing the right glass can bring dimension and detail to ordinary furniture and case goods with light, colour and interesting angles. The design possibilities are only limited by the designer’s imagination. While strength and durability of the glass is important, particularly in shelving, colour and texture can accentuate the design. Other important technical and aesthetic considerations include glass size and thickness, finish and appearance, edge profile/edge finishand hardware for shelving support.

Unwanted fingerprints and scratches have long hindered the beauty of furniture glass. However, products from Guardian Glass such as Guardian SatinDeco® glass help to address these issues.

Our Glass Furniture Solutions

Guardian SatinDeco® is an acid-etched glass product that offers an extra-smooth finish with a soft, glowing appearance, while hiding fingerprints.