Residential application:

Splash backs

Glass splash backs for your home.

Glass can be used for splash backs in residential kitchens and bathrooms, providing easy-to-clean surfaces behind ovens, stoves, washbasins and other work surfaces.

Glass splash backs for kitchens and bathrooms.

Glass splash backs in kitchens not only protect your walls from splashes and food stains when cooking, but also add a subtle accent of colour to your kitchen walls, creating a stylish look. Glass is available in a variety of patterns and colours to match your home décor.

Glass splash backs for bathrooms protect the walls from stains caused by splashes of water.

Glass splash backs can be used in bathrooms to protect the walls from water splashes.

Our Glass Splash Back Solutions

Guardian Glass offers a range of glass options for splash backs, including Guardian float glass, laminated glass for safety and security (Guardian LamiGlass®) and acid-etched translucent glass (Guardian SatinDeco®) for decoration and privacy.