Guardian Anti-Reflective 15/15

Bringing screen images to life

Guardian Anti-Reflective (AR) 15/15 glass coating transmits a truer image and is ideal for high-tech signage, industrial displays, imaging equipment and interactive consumer electronics. Guardian AR 15/15 glass makes electronic products clearer, safer and stronger with our high performance coatings and advanced fabrication techniques. With Guardian AR 15/15, images on displays and television screens are brought to life. Guardian AR 15/15 can be combined with Guardian ExtraClear®float glass or Guardian UltraClear®low iron glass for improved aesthetics, and can be cut, tempered, laminated and silk screened to create custom glass solutions.


Guardian AR 15/15 reduces reflection and enhances contrast, giving picture-perfect results even in demanding environments


Improved clarity and contrast provides enhanced readability in bright environments.


Durable and invisible, without altering colours projected from the screen.

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