SunGuard® Extra Selective

State-of-the-art glass for state-of-the-art buildings

Guardian SunGuard®eXtra Selective is a range of solar protective glass for facades, structural glazing, curtain walls, conservatories, windows and doors. There are several products within the range, each offering its own unique properties to match a project’s performance and aesthetic requirements. With world-class selectivity, Guardian SunGuard®SNX 50 glass lets in 50% of natural daylight combined with only 24% of the solar heat, while Guardian SunGuard® SNX 60 glass lets in 60% of natural daylight combined with only 29% of the solar heat. This helps reduce energy costs due to a lower demand for artificial lighting and air conditioning. With a beautiful, natural transparent appearance, low reflection and consistent colour, Guardian SunGuard®eXtra Selective products are the ideal choice for completely glazed facades. When used in a doubleor triple glazing, these products deliver optimum thermal insulation.