SunGuard Spandrel HT

True uniform colour

Curtainwall and commercial window facades often require the use of spandrel glass to achieve a designer’s vision of the finished project.Spandrel glass applications can harmonize or contrast in color when compared to the vision glass appearance.Guardian has extensive experience with spandrel glass applications and can help architects and building owners achieve the desired appearance with SunGuard Spandrel HT.

  • Superior durability to conventional frits prior to heat treating
  • Three common colors: warm gray, white and black
  • Stock sheet sizes: 96" x 130" and 100" x 144"
  • Create harmony or contrast with the vision glass area

The process and colours

SunGuard Spandrel HT is is located between floors of vision glass of a building and is used to conceal structural building components such as columns, floors, HVAC systems, electrical wiring, plumbing or as an opaque means to conceal interior views from the outside. It is available in 3 standard colours.


SunGuard Spandrel HT is proprietary coated stock sheet that is easy to cut into final sizes. During heat-treating, the coating bonds to the glass providing long-lasting beauty. After heat treating, Spandrel HT is permanently fused to the glass surface and has the characteristics of a ceramic frit with increased uniformity from the precision application process.

Spandrelglass can be used in monolithic applications (#2 surface) or ininsulating glazing units. The unique, precision application processgives Spandrel HT a smooth, uniform surface. Heat-treatment permanentlyfuses it to the glass surface and also reduces the risk of thermalstress breakage.

Technical specifications

Spandrel Design Guidelines
Spandrel glass can either complement or contrast in color when compared to the vision glass appearance. Daylight conditions can have a dramatic effect on the perception of vision-to-spandrel appearance. For instance, a clear, bright sunny day provides a higher reflective appearance, which may improve the vision-to-spandrel match. A gray, overcast day may allow more visual transmission from the exterior and produce more contrast between the vision and spandrel glass. The environment surrounding a building also has an effect on the reflected color of the glass. When a building is surrounded by open space the glass will typically have a more blue appearance because it is reflecting the sky. In an urban environment the glass may appear grayer due to the reflection of other buildings.

Forbestresultscomplementingorharmonizingappearance(color &reflection),theinsulatingglazingmake-upshouldremainconsistent(thesameexteriorglasscolor,SunGuardcoating,etc.)andsubstitutetheinboardlitewithwarmgraySunGuardSpandrelHToraneutral colored ceramic frit/paint on the fourth (#4) surface. This will minimize the contrast of the vision and spandrel under various lighting conditions. For a larger selection of standard colors of ceramic frit or paint colors, please contact a Guardian Select Fabricator. Custom colors may also be available.

ForamoredramaticcontrastchoosefromGuardian'swhiteorblack Spandrel HT. While both colors can provide a strong contrast to the vision glass, they also have design considerationstocomplementbuildingconditions.Whitecansimulatethelookofwindowblindsandblack may be a more appropriate if the building has a deep interior.

Guardian recommends that full-size outdoor mock-ups be prepared and approved in order to confirm the most desirable spandrel option for a specific project. Use of black spandrel with high visible light transmitting coatings could increase glass temperatures. Please consult Guardian for a product recommendation based on glass make-up.

Limitation of Use
Spandrel HT is not intended for interior applications. Spandrel HT should not be used in vision applications or any other application where daylight or an artificial light source is transmitted through the glass and the coating can be viewed from the opposite side.These applications could cause imperfections, striations or small pinholes to be observed from the inside, even when the coating meets all specifications for the intended design use.

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