Glass type:

Enamelled or Back Painted Glass

Decorative, colored ceramic painted glass

Enamelled glass starts with standard float or low-iron glass to which an opaque layer of enamel is added. During the tempering process of the glass, these enamels melt and fuse permanently to the glass surface to form a coloured ceramic layer.

Enamelled glass for decorative print, spandrels and edge enamelling

Enamelled glass is float glass to which a layer of enamel is added during the tempering process.

Various Guardian SunGuard®products can be printed with ceramic paint for a variety of exterior applications and can be used as decorative prints, spandrels/parapet wall glazing, or as an edge enamel for hiding construction elements in the glazing.

For more decorative enhancements, prints, patterns, dots or lines can be applied to the coating by silk-screen printing. For parapet wall glazing or spandrels, ceramic paint can be applied to cover the whole surface of the glass, which is then used to cover walls, columns or other parts of a building. For edge enamelling, ceramic paints are used to cover up construction elements in the edge areas of the glazing. The paint can also protect insulating glass unit sealants against UV radiation.

For commercial applications, a number of Guardian SunGuard®coatings, can be printed with ceramic paints.

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Spandrel glass is an aesthetic way to hide structural elements like columns or vents.

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