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A huge variety of possibilities

Guardian glass offers a comprehensive line of product solutions to meet your project’s unique needs. The technology behind Guardian glass solutions allows possibilities that ordinary glass doesn’t. From decorative glass for interior design to glass for technical applications, explore our offerings below.

Glass that helps make your life easier

Take a look around you. Glass is everywhere, and not only in your windows. You go shopping in a supermarket? Glass allows you to clearly see the fresh product offering while helping to keep them cold. You are looking for your way in an airport? Find your gate and flight details on an interactive display. You don’t know how to get dressed in the morning? Brushing your teeth is the perfect time to take a look at the weather forecast on your smart mirror.

Unleash your creativity

Glass can also let the light in while creating some privacy, add depth to a room or help enhance your interior, whatever its style.

Our Other Glass Solution


Commercial refrigeration glass that entices customers to buy what’s inside, lowers the utility bill and resists the wear of daily use

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