Crystal-Clear view for Storefronts

Maximise the attractiveness of shop windows and increase stopping power

Competition on the high street is fierce, and attracting footfall is essential for success, so retail stores must differentiate themselves in order to stand out. The need for brands to present themselves attractively and be identified appropriately is greater than ever, and the storefront has an essential role in catching the attention of passers by.


The Problem

In the daylight storefront glass can turn into a mirror; customers can struggle to see the product within storefront displays and visibility deeper inside the store is often impaired. Reflections can fade out colours and the product loses it's impact, whilst the mirror effect creates a barrier between the street and walking into the shop.


The Solution

Introducing Guardian Clarity™, our new innovation in storefront glass that provides a true, crystal-clear view into your shop without reflections. With Guardian Clarity™, storefront glass is no longer a barrier to product visibility, transforming your store and encouraging customers to enter. From many angles the glass appears totally invisible, perfectly showcasing your product and display colours, whilst also providing security, safety and UV protection.

Key Benefits of Guardian Clarity™


Guardian Clarity improves product visibility and attracts shoppers attention to storefronts


Guardian Clarity helps showcase strong, vibrant colours for more impactful displays

Improved perception

Guardian Clarity improves perception of the quality of the store

Stopping power

Guardian Clarity improves stopping power helping shops attract further footfall

Testing the impact of our storefront solution

We conducted a month long experiment on a normal shop in a typical high street to measure the impact Guardian Clarity™ glass would have on the shopper behavior. Tracking sensors were installed while the store had regular glass, and after two weeks, the storefront glass was changed to Guardian Clarity™. Street surveys were also carried out to study shopper perceptions on the anti reflective glass. The results indicated that attractive and clear storefronts play a big role in the user experience.

Watch Clarity Results Video

Before / After Survey

“Seeing products more clearly makes the shop more attractive... the glass takes the barrier away between the product and the customer.”

Quote from passer-by during street interview

The Results

Guardian Clarity has been proven to make a difference in terms of stopping power, helping shops attract increased footfall and improing the percieved quality of the store without the need for a costly full store refurbishment.

80% of shoppers pay attention to storefronts

69% think products are easier to see with Clarity

42% increase in time spent in front of store

18% more people stopped by

Learn more about how you can benefit from Guardian Clarity™

The needs and requirements of every project are unique. If you are interested in learning more about our storefront glass solution or discuss the needs of your project, please contact Guardian Glass or request a sample below.