Should I call Guardian Glass if I need help a window or door which is already installed?

Guardian does not manufacture double glazing, windows or doors – we are purely a glass manufacturer who provide glass to glass processors typically in sheets of 6000mm x 3210mm. The glass processor then cuts down these large sheets into the project sizes required and further processes them (heat treatment etc) before using them to create an insulated glass unit or IGU (this term covers both double & triple glazing). The same processor either then frames the IGU themselves or sells the IGU to window/door manufacturers who frame the glass in their products.

Warranty, repair, parts and replacement issues for windows and doors should be directed to the window/door manufacturer. The manufacturer of the framing system may be identified on the handle, latch, other hardware. Depending upon the age of the IGU and its use in the building there may be identifying marks on a corner of the glass surface which show the standard the glass has been produced to as well as the company that processed the glass.