Online Training

Continuing our support to you

Let's make this lockdown period useful!

At Guardian we understand how challenging times are during this unpercedented period, but won't let this stop us in supporting you. To make the most of the time we're offering online training events, your chance to brush up on some of those topics you may have been meaning to find out more about. See our list of sessions below:

Available Webinars


  • Atelier 1: Presentation générale Guardian - Float - Coatings
  • Atelier 2: 3 Cas: Projets Alto, UAE, Melbourne. Solar control - Thermal insulation
  • Atelier 3: Antireflection: restaurants, devantures et notions d'éclairage
  • Atelier 4: Sérigraphie
  • Atelier 5: Verres courbes: technologie et process
  • Atelier 6: Les facades double peau et les produits adéquats

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Belgium & Netherlands

  • Session 1: Guardian presentation - Float - Coatings
  • Session 2: Coatings - solar control & thermal insulation through project cases
  • Session 3: Antireflection matters: Bespoke Visual & Storefront and lighting notions
  • Session 4: Ceramic frit
  • Session 5: Bent Glas
  • Session 6: Double skin facades and products

Register for the webinars here

Continuing training wherever you are

It is quick and easy to schedule a seminar or a worshop at your office or home with your Guardian team. Simply contact your Architectural Sales Manager to let us know what your specific learning needs are.