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With our architectural glass workshops we offer architects, processors and other interested parties insights on glass production and processing as well as a general overview of glass products and their applications. Our workshops can be oriented around the following topics: Products and properties; Uses of architectural glass; Constructional apsects.

Architectural glass workshops can either be staged at your place of work or you can join our online training webinars.

Available Webinars

Sessioni per l'Italia

Sessione 1
Guardian Glass: progettare con la luce
07 Aprile / 11:00am CET

Sessione 2
Il controllo dell’energia solare
09 Aprile / 11:00am CET

Sessione 3
Vetri coatizzati e vetri antiriflesso
16 Aprile / 11:00am CET

Sessione 4
Vetri per l’isolamento termico ed il comfort acustico
21 Aprile / 11:00am CET

Sessione 5
Le performance dei vetri coatizzati
23 Aprile / 11:00am CET

Sessione 6
Vetri curvi & Vetri laminati ​
28 Aprile / 11:00am CET

Sessione 7
Serigrafia e trattamenti termici ​
30 Aprile / 11:00am CET

Sessione 7
Applicazioni del vetro in facciata​
5 Maggio / 11:00am CET

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Sessions en Français

Atelier 1
Introduction : du float au verre à couches
6th April / 2:00pm CET

Atelier 2
Quels verres de protection pour vos projets?
8th April / 2:00pm CET

Atelier 3
Avantages et applications de l’antireflet. Le rôle de l’environnement.​
15th April / 2:00pm CET

Atelier 4
La sérigraphie : fonctionnalités, méthodes et applications
17th April / 2:00pm CET

Atelier 5
Tout ce que vous souhaitiez savoir au sujet du verre bombé pour la conception d’un bâtiment
24th April / 2:00pm CET

Atelier 6
Comment choisir le vitrage adéquat pour une double peau?​
4th May / 2:00pm CET

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Session for Belgium/The Netherlands in English

Session 1
Glass basics - An introduction to float and coated glass
10th April / 2:00pm CET

Session 2
Which coated glass for your project?
20th April / 2:00pm CET

Session 3
Antireflection matters: bespoke visual, storefront and lighting notions
22nd April / 2:00pm CET

Session 4
Ceramic printing - Methods and applications of functional or decorative paint on glass
27th April / 2:00pm CET

Session 5
Everything you want to know about bent glass when designing a building
29th April / 2:00pm CET

Session 6
How to select the adequate glazing for a double skin façade
6th May / 2:00pm CET

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Schulung für Deutschland, Österreich & Schweiz

Session A
Architekturglas/gebogenes Architekturglas + Fallstudie Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
9. April / 14 Uhr CET

Session B
Architekturglas/ventilierte Systeme + Fallstudie Kondensat + Fallstudie „Cube Berlin“
15. April / 14 Uhr CET

Session C
Architekturglas/gebogenes Architekturglas + Fallstudie Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
22. April / 14 Uhr CET

Session D
Architekturglas/ventilierte Systeme + Fallstudie Kondensat + Fallstudie „Cube Berlin“
29. April / 14 Uhr CET

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Nasze kolejne szkolenia

Temat 1
Wpływ wyboru produktu przeciwsłonecznego i czynników zewnętrznych na ostateczny wygląd fasady szklanej

16 Kwiecień, 13:00 CET
21 Kwiecień, 10:00 CET
22 Kwiecień, 12:00 CET

Temat 2
Zastosowanie szkła giętego na fasadach budynków: dostępne technologie, możliwości kształtowania oraz ograniczenia. Szkolenie przygotowane we współpracy z firmą Press Glass

23 Kwiecień, 13:00 CET
28 Kwiecień, 10:00 CET
06 Maj, 12:00 CET

Temat 3
Szkło antyrefleksyjne we wnętrzach i na fasadach budynków: funkcje, obszary zastosowania, analiza przykładów

29 Kwiecień, 12:00 CET
07 Maj, 13:00 CET
12 Maj, 10:00 CET

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Sessions for UK

Glass as a Design Material & Regulations impacts on Specification

Monday 1st June, 2pm
Monday 8th June, 2pm
Monday 15th June, 2pm

30 minute Presentations

Session 1
Glass Production - Float Glass Manufacture

27th May, 2pm

Session 2
Glass Production - Coated Glass

28th May, 2pm

Session 3
Glass Processing - Lami Glass

3rd June, 2pm

Session 4
Glass Processing - HT Glass & Bending

4th June, 2pm

Session 5
Glass Performance - Acoustics

10th June, 2pm

Session 6
Glass Performance – Thermal Stress

11th June, 2pm

Session 7
Glass Performance – Visible Light & Colour

17th June, 2pm

Session 8
Glass Performance – Solar Energy & Insulation

18th June, 2pm

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Sesión para España

Sesión 1
Vidrio float y laminado - Material arquitectónico

23 Abril 12pm

Sesión 2
Tratamiento térmico y proceso de curvado

30 Abril 12pm

Sesión 3
Prestaciones fotoenergéticas del vidrio

7 Mayo 12pm

Sesión 4
Vidrios de capa y valores de eficiencia energética

14 Mayo 12pm

Sesión 5
Atenuación acústica con fachadas de vidrio

21 Mayo 12pm

Sesión 6
Análisis de riesgo de stress térmico

28 Mayo 12pm

Sesión 7
Sistemas de fachada de muros cortina.

4 Junio 12pm

Sesión 8
Serigrafía e impresión digital con pinturas cerámicas en vidrio

11 Junio 12pm

Reserva tu plaza

Sessões para Portugal

Sessão 1
Vidro tratado termicamente – Vidro temperado e Vidro termoendurecido e Vidro Curvo

22 Abril, 11am

Sessão 2
A Energia Solar – Radiação UV, Radiação Visível e IV, Isolamento Térmico

29 Abril, 11am

Sessão 3
Produtos de vidro de capa ( fabricação, Vidros de controlo Solar, Vidros de controlo Solar + Baixa emissividade, Vidros Anti-reflexo)

6 Maio, 11am

Sessão 4
Acústica ( conceitos básicos, aplicação ao vidro). Ferramentas de consulta Guardian

13 Maio, 11am

Sessão 5
Stress Térmico no vidro

21 Mayo, 11am

Sessão 6
Sistemas de Fachadas

28 Maio, 11am

Sessão 7
Pintura Cerâmica no Vidro

3 Junho, 11am


Sessions for Scandinavia

Session 1
How solar-control glass and external factors influence aesthetic of glass facades?

29th April, 9am

Session 2
Bent glass for facades: available technologies, shaping capabilities and limitations. Session prepared in cooperation with Press Glass.

7th May, 9am

Session 3
Antireflective glass in interiors and on glass facades: functions, applications and case studies.

20th May, 9am

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Webinář v češtině

Session 1
Jak ovlivní zvolené protisluneční sklo a vnější podmínky vzhled fasády? - diskuze vybraných relealizací

12.května, 1pm

Session 2
Použití ohýbaných skel na fasádách, dostupné technologie,výrobní možnosti, omezení - diskuze vybraných realizací. Prezentace ve spolupráci s firmou Press Glass

19.května, 10am

Session 3
Antireflexní skla v interiéru a na fasádách objektů - možnosti použití - diskuze vybraných realizací

20.května, 9am

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Continuing training at your office

It is quick and easy to schedule a seminar or a worshop at your office with your Guardian team. Simply contact your Architectural Sales Manager to let us know what your specific learning needs are.