See it and believe it

At Guardian, we’ve been working for 85 years to discover all that is possible with glass. Learn more about us through films that tell the stories of our company, people, projects and just some of the products we have developed.

See what’s possible™ Anthem

Our rallying cry — the See what’s possible™ anthem — shows the many ways that Guardian is inspiring, protecting and enhancing life around the world.

Find Your Groove with
Guardian UltraClear® Low-Iron Glass

Guardian UltraClear® low-iron glass can help you find your design groove. It’s clearer than standard glass—so what people see is completely up to you. Clean lines. True colors. Breathtaking views. No distractions. Just your creativity and your very best moves.

Making Float Glass

Float glass is our foundational product — used in skyscrapers, homes, vehicles and technical applications around the world. See how it is made on Guardian’s float glass lines around the world.

How Glass is Coated

The magnetron sputter coating process is critical to making advanced glass. Learn more about how atoms that are so small they are invisible can have such a big impact on performance and aesthetic properties.