Mirrors and glass of the company were applied in eight environments of the main show of decoration and landscaping of Latin America.

One of the world's largest manufacturers of float and value-added products and solutions, Guardian Glass is present at CASACOR SÃO PAULO 2018 - the main and most complete exhibition of architecture, design, decoration and landscaping in Latin America. The event happens between May 22nd and July 29th, at the Jockey Club in São Paulo. Guardian products were applied in eight environments signed by renowned architects such as Dado Castello Branco, Gustavo Paschoalin and João Armentano.

"For Guardian Glass, to have its products chosen by a team of recognized professionals, to compose spaces of the main decoration exhibition in Latin America, proves the quality and versatility of our entire line of products for the market of architecture, decoration and design," says Renato Sivieri, director of marketing at Guardian Glass.

The versatility of the company's mirrors and glass stands out in the multifunctional and contemporary environments of the show, which emphasize the integration between internal and external spaces, and privilege the harmony between man and nature.

In Villa Olivo Todeschini, created by João Armentano, the ambience of 320 m² is permeated by natural luminosity and abundant ventilation, coming from the large pivotal glass frames, that allow to incorporate the nature to its interior and decoration. The space takes on clear glass in the window frames, SunGuard ReflectGuardian glass in the bedroom and bathroom TV panel, plus the use of Guardian Mirror in the washrooms.

At Casa do Relógio “Clock House”, signed by Castello Branco, inspired by Amsterdam and London townhouses, wood and concrete stand out. Its structure offers openings to nature, integrated and multifunctional environments, making it a practical and welcoming home. For this project were applied the Silver Guardian Mirror and on clear glass.

The Sensations Lounge, designed by Gustavo Paschoalin, has a gourmet kitchen integrated into a large living room. The space, reminiscent of the American lofts of Brooklin and Chelsea, uses bamboo demolition flooring, apparent light railings and English bricks on the walls. The practical style is confirmed in the large and multifunctional table. To compose the environment, Guardian Mirrors and solar control glass SunGuard Neutral 14 were used.

The Transtudio space, conceived by Ricardo de Abreu, has as its starting point the gender transition, which brings to light the conflicts that accompany the resident. With just 29 m2, the environment divided into study, work, bedroom and bathroom area, gains updated classic elements, like mirrored screen with gold details and a stripped bed, whose base is python coated. For this project Guardian was present with its Guardian Mirror.

Casa Menir, from the trio of architects Fernanda Morais, Fernanda Tegacini and Nathália Mouco, from the architectural office Très Arquitetura, was conceived as an urban retreat that exalts contemporaneity with the use of natural materials.

The space brings few furniture, prioritizes the kitchen and has other areas such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, closet and a garden. The SunGuard ReflectGuardian glass was used in the closet and bathroom for this project.

The Entrance Lounge, created by the Lorenzzo Studio, has a lean and rectilinear structure in earthy and neutral tones, without competing with the great centennial tree - the main element of the project, which reflects the integration between man and nature. Guardian float glass are present in this environment.

Naomi Abe's Dining Room - once again part of CASACOR's cast after more than a decade away from the show - was inspired by Brazil. Parts and furniture signed by national designers and plastic artists find space there. The contemporary style also includes ceramic pavilions and a floor inspired by the colors of the works of Tarsila do Amaral. Silver Guardian mirrors make up the environment.

Finally, the Tea Lab, designed by the duo Steffi Kaufman and Patricia Bacellar, from the SP Architecture office, has as a highlight the vertical garden that combines several species. Earthy and gray shades show the surrounding nature. Asymmetrical and angular shapes of the branches of trees are present in several points of the project, as in the design of the chairs and the base of the tables, whose tops are of on clear glass. For this project, Guardian thick on clear glasses were used on the table tops and colorless glass in the closings.

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