Application on the facade was aimed at enhancing optical and thermal comfort, contributing to energy efficiency

Designed by renowned Polish architect Daniel Libeskind - author of projects such as the new World Trade Center in New York - the Vitra residential building stands out in the landscape of the luxurious district of Itaim Bibi, in the capital of São Paulo, in Brazil. Under an unprecedented concept of impact, innovation and design architecture, the venture brings together diverse sustainable practices and is even more unique by its facade entirely made up of Low-e high-performance solar control glass supplied by Guardian Glass Brazil.

"Low-e glasses help control the temperature and also the luminosity, minimizing the consumption of electric energy by the air conditioning equipment and artificial lighting systems, in addition to meeting the international standards of environmental comfort and being recognized by the AQUA Environmental Certification", explains Denys Castilho, product manager of Guardian Glass Brazil.

More than 10,000 square meters of the SunGuard High Performance Royal Blue 40 glass were used in this project. In addition to valuing the project from an aesthetic point of view, it reduces the transmission of heat that affects the façade by 64% and provides light transmission of 34% index considered ideal for residences. The product also gives an internal reflection index of 24% and external reflection of 29%.

“The concept of the building values the 360° vision of the resident with the exterior. The choice of glass was made based on the optimization of optical comfort and thermal comfort, to meet a different aesthetics, since it is a residential building 100% enveloped with glass”, says Castilho.

With more than 14 thousand square meters of built area, the development has 14 apartments of high luxury, whose footage varies of 565m² and 1.145 m². In addition to the structure composed of the Guardian's Low-e glass facade, the project has other items that allow the saving of natural resources, such as solar panels for heating system, reuse of rainwater for washing and irrigation of gardens, management systems intelligent, among others.