Residential Application:


A window to your world—wherever that may be

As a leading maker of glass for residential windows, Guardian Glass is committed to optimizing the performance, aesthetics, and service offered to window manufacturers and custom fabricators.Whether your customers are building new homes or replacing existing windows, Guardian wants to help you give them the appearance, comfort and energy efficiency they expect from today's windows.

Guardian SunGuard coated glass line provides manufacturers and fabricators with a variety of formulations, each one matched to meet the energy and comfort requirements of a specific region or climate.These products can be combined with a variety of safety, sound countrol and aesthetic options to meet regional and individual requirements.

Windows for southern climates

In southern climates, heat, glare and the occasional cool day are some of the challenges homeowners face. ClimaGuard® offers products designed for southern regions so that your customers may potentially reduce their AC costs while preserving the right amount of natural light.

Southern climate solutions

All-weather solutions

Guardian offers four-season products for regions that face both heating and cooling requirements. We also offer application-driven products such as Neutral 70 for doors, and products aimed at enhancing U-value wherever they are used, like SunGuard IS.

SunGuard all-weather solutions

Safety & solar control

Guardian Glass provides a number of glass configurations that markedly improve a window’s ability to withstand or resist breakage from exterior forces, including high winds, flying debris and intruders. In urban settings and for homes near airports, Guardian glass can be used to reduce the competition between outside noise and inside serenity.

Partners in your success

Working with Guardian is about more than just glass. It’s about success as well. From manufacturing to business support, Guardian has the tools, products, expertise and commitment to add value to your windows, help you handle custom fabrication and be more profitable when you do.