Colour your next project beautiful

Commercial and residential designers who yearn for the flexibility to create beautiful buildings drenched in bold colour or glossy neutrals, take note.

Guardian DecoCristal® glass has a beautiful lacquer finish, resulting in a brightly opaque, aesthetically stunning glass that is available in a variety of standard colours. DecoCristal® can be used for many interior decorative projects in offices, hotels and homes. Its bright, opaque, highly reflective colour adds a bold statement to any work or living space.

  • Shiny, opaque appearance
  • Ideal when color is desired to enhance aesthetics and increase design flexibility
  • A beautiful appearance with one big surface without joint
  • Easy to install
  • Available thickness: 4mm
  • Standard sizes: 2.200 / 2.400 x 3.210mm

How it’s made

With impeccable finish, Guardian® offers the painted glass DecoCristal, bringing more modernity to your projects.

Suitable for various applications such as furniture and wall cladding, the product has intense brightness and allows applications without joints, making the ambience much more sophisticated. In addition, it looks perfect when used as whiteboards, leaving no stains.

Guardian creates its exceptional quality DecoCristal by painting one side with a coloured organic paint. Once the glass had dried to a beautiful lacquer finish, the result is a brightly opaque, aesthetically stunning glass. DecoCristal is available on UltraClear ® glass for the purest whites possible.

Available colours

DecoCristal is available in the colors black, ultraclear white and clear white. Unlike standard painting processes, DecoCristal is applied on large glass sheets which are then cut to size for cost-effective fabrication. This makes the option of back-painting the glass more accessible and affordable than the other alternatives. Other colors are only provided under demand.

What you do with it is up to you

Colour your next design with DecoCristal. It is perfect for a wide variety of designs, especially kitchens and baths. From walls to elevators, from retail displays to furniture and sliding doors, add bold, permanent colour or glossy neutrals to your application.


  • Walls and wall coverings
  • Furniture and case goods
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Surfaces and tabletops
  • Retail displays and fixtures
  • Wardrobe doors and sliding doors

Design forward

Don’t let your designs become ho-hum. Take a stand for bold, glossy colour and sumptuous neutrals. From brights to naturals to neutrals, the choice is yours.