Design forward

Combining functionality, state-of-the-art technology and lasting beauty, the InGlass® line of mirros and glass for interiors is market inspired and perfectly suited to any design, offering a wealth of possibilities.

Anyone who knows and uses Guardian® InGlass® mirrors and glass for interior applications never gives room for sameness. After all, they possess the charm and sophistication necessary for differentiated architectural and interior design projects. Inspired by market trends, the InGlass® line offers numerous possibilities with products that combine beauty and technology.


Glass coated with an opaque organic paint that dries to a lacquered finish for bright, opaque, highly reflective colour

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Ten times more scratch resistant than ordinary glasses. Longer durability, keeping surfaces beautiful longer. Reduces stains and adhesion of waste, making cleaning easier. The only scratch resistant glass on the market

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Thick Glass for Interiors

Bringing more modernity to the environments, Thick Glass applications are increasingly present in the decoration, in table tops and furniture in general.

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Spend your time on the possibilities of glass design, not logistics

With Guardian InGlass, you can spend more time thinking about what you can do with glass and less about how to get it done. Our forward-thinking interior glass solutions are designed to make it easier for you to put your creativity into action.