Reflective Glass for Showers

Reflective Showers

Add a touch of sophistication never seen before to your bathroom

The Guardian® Reflective Shower, in addition to being resistant to chemicals and the action of water, also amplifies the bathroom and gives it a more elegant look and feel.

Available in silver and champagne colors, the Reflective Shower will make your shower design incredible.


  • Cut
  • Faceted
  • Perforated
  • Laminated
  • Tempered


Modernity, sophistication and spaciousness for your bathroom.

Produced with high technology, it is resistant to corrosion by chemicals and water.

It turns into an additional mirror and guarantees more privacy for those who are showering.


Dimensions & Available Thickness

2.200 / 2.400 x 3.210mm

Thickness: 8mm


  • Showers
  • Divisions

Design forward

Don’t let your designs become ho-hum. Take a stand for bold, glossy colour and sumptuous neutrals. From brights to naturals to neutrals, the choice is yours.