The privacy you need. The light you want.

SatinDeco® provides privacy with high, diffused light transmission offering a modern alternative to patterned privacy glass. Guardian’s proprietary acid-etching process produces a satin-like, smooth finish that obscures the view through the glass while maintaining a high level of light transmission.

Privacy and light

Acid-etching process obscures the view but retains light transmission

Advanced durability

Uniform surface resists fingerprints, grease and dirt

Can be fabricated into IGUs

Acid-etched panes can be combined into insulated glass units

Wide range of applications

Can be used on its own or combined with other coatings for thermal insulation or solar control

A better, brighter translucence

SatinDeco beautifully disperses light, making it a very versatile product for a wide variety of applications. The products have a uniform surface that is extremely robust and durable, helping prevent fingerprints or other marks from grease or dirt.

Available thickness: 3, 4, 6, 8, 10mm

Available sizes: 2.200 / 2.400 x 3.210mm

Available colors: Translucent and colorless


  • Doors
  • Partitions and dividers
  • Balustrades and railings
  • Shower enclosures
  • Tabletops and shelves


Guardian SatinDeco® can be used on its own as monolithic glass for decorative and interior fittings.


Offers privacy while transmitting high, diffused light

Offer modern privacy

Whether you’re designing a commercial property or a luxury home, Guardian SatinDeco® helps you create modern, satin-smooth alternatives for privacy. The ultra-durable surface also helps you maintain high levels of natural daylight. We can help your occupants have the best of all worlds.