SunGuard® High Performance

Year-round performance and beauty

The SunGuard® High Performance series combines solar protection and thermal insulation, offering an all-season solution. Enjoy exceptional design flexibility and unique visual options and choose from a range of solar heat gain and thermal insulation levels. Superior energy efficiency makes this series a smart choice for a wide variety of climate conditions—especially where air conditioning is used. Owners will save on energy and meet or exceed energy regulation requirements.

All-season performance

Solar protection and thermal insulation for four-season climates

Variety of light transmissions available

Find one that matches your climate and design


Reflects heat at the microscopic level

Unique range of colours and reflections

to bring your ideas to life

Many options

SunGuard High Performance, as well as many other SunGuard products, may be customized to meet your project’s unique requirements. For example, it is available on laminated or tempered glass to meet safety, security and acoustic standards. Its easy-to-use design also means that it can be curved or heat-treated (or not) .

Available on laminated glass

for safety, security and acoustic applications


Can be tempered and heat strengthened


The High Performance series is available in a variety of products, all of which create striking statements of light and colour while earning LEED® points and controlling energy costs.

SunGuard® High Performance

Neutral Plus 50

If you can imagine it, you can build it with SunGuard® HP Neutral Plus 50. This high performance, low-E glass allows architects the freedom to explore interior and exterior light.

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SunGuard® High Performance

Neutral 70

Among the most neutral high-performance glass available in the Latin American market, SunGuard® High Performance Neutral 70 brings the aesthetics of colorless glass together with all of the performance you expect from high-performance glass.

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SunGuard® High Performance

Royal Blue 40

The Blue that is desired in the business world. Asthethics and high performance.

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SunGuard® High Performance

AG 43

SunGuard® HP AG 43 helps you achieve the dynamic silver appearance you want, while meeting your solar control goals.

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Guardian Glass Neutral 40 - Residential Project Vitra external photo day

Neutral 40

Sophisticated neutral gray with flexible manufacturing options

Glass visualiser

The Guardian Glass visualiser dynamically generates photo-realistic images of both exterior and interior glazing views. It allows the user to evaluate the aesthetic properties of virtually any glass application. Just choose the glass you want to visualise, select the building and perspective that suits you and watch how various sky conditions affect the appearance of the glass.