SunGuard® SuperNeutral®

The best of both worlds

It is possible to have the best of both worlds. SunGuard® SuperNeutral® products transmit high levels of light and reduce solar heat gain. While their neutral appearance is strikingly similar to clear, uncoated glass, they provide powerful thermal insulation by reflecting specific wavelengths of solar radiation. As a result, the sun’s heat stays out but natural daylight is welcomed in.

By selectively transmitting natural sunlight, reflecting solar heat and insulating against fluctuating outdoor temperatures, SunGuard SuperNeutral architectural glass will reduce energy consumption and costs for heating, cooling and artificial lighting.

Solar protection without compromise

Keeps heat out while letting light in

High light transmission

on neutral, low-reflection glass

Two layers of silver

Silver keeps the heat out

Optimised for your climate

Whether you are in a four-season climate or it’s hot year-round, SunGuard SuperNeutral glass offers just the right solar control and thermal insulation for the elements, all the while letting the maximum amount of light in. For warmer weather, it blocks heat and keeps cooled air inside. In colder weather, it blocks cold air and protects against heat loss. No matter the temperature, SuperNeutral controls the sun, insulates and provides great light for buildings.


Guardian SunGuard SuperNeutral has several products to meet your high light transmission needs while still blocking solar heat, saving on energy costs and helping projects qualify for LEED® credits.

SunGuard® SuperNeutral®

SN 51/28

As a neutral, high selectivity glass option, SN 51/28 offers advanced solar control and outstanding thermal insulation, while reducing the need for using artificial light.

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SunGuard® SuperNuetral

SN 68

This glass lets in high amounts of natural light while preventing the heat that usually comes with it.

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