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High selectivity glass

If only nature could be this selective

In the past, buildings needed heavily mirrored surfaces to reflect heat. At the same time, that mirrored glass sacrificed visible light transmission and left occupants in the dark. Enter Guardian high selectivity glass, which provides exceptional levels of natural light transmission while reducing the amount of heat moving through the glass. With high selectivity glass, Guardian achieves excellent solar control without compromising the neutral appearance of your building’s glass.

Few materials make a building greener

With today’s emphasis on sustainable design and daylighting, architectural glass offering high levels of visible light transmission while controlling heat are in demand. Guardian high selectivity products offer high light transmission, reduce daytime energy demands and help make people healthier, more satisfied and more productive.

At the same time, these products offer solar control and thermal insulation, providing virtually unsurpassed energy savings. With these environmental benefits, no wonder Guardian is such a great partner for projects looking to earn LEED®, BREEAM® and other sustainability certifications.

LEED® and its related logo is a trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council® and is used with permission.

SunGuard® SuperNeutral®

SunGuard® glass features one line of products that offer selectivity that is among the highest in the industry—helping you meet the combined goals of energy efficiency and comfort for building occupants.

The SunGuard SuperNeutral® range of high-performance commercial glass products is the ideal solution where ultra-low U values and exceptionally high light transmission with a low solar factor are required, with little to no colour distortion in the glass.