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Insulating glass

It's all about U

That’s U for U-factor, or how the industry measures glass thermal insulation. From Abu Dhabi to Brazil, and every climate in between, Guardian offers a wide variety of solutions to keep heated and cooled air inside.

The most advantageous glass insulation uses SunGuard® architectural coatings . These IGUs meet not only energy and safety codes but also the demands of your unique climate.

How insulated glass works

Guardian Glass helps customers achieve optimal windows, regardless of the climate. To achieve excellent thermal insulation, several glass panes can be combined with at least one SunGuard or ClimaGuard low-E coating in an insulated glass unit. Two or more panes of the same size are then aligned, attached and separated by a hermetically sealed air space. That space is filled with especially high-thermal insulating gas, like argon. This enables the glass to meet two very different requirements – keeping conditioned air in and keeping extreme temperature out.

Guardian spacers

Durability and performance are essential for window manufacturers. Guardian produces insulated glass units on an industry-exclusive touchless line, which minimizes the risk of mechanical defect and human error. Our proprietary warm-edge spacers feature a stainless steel design, reducing both condensation and U-values. Guardian spacers can be used on vinyl, aluminum and wood windows.

Insulating coatings

Using microscopic coatings on the glass panes within an insulated glass unit (IGU) can boost thermal insulation. To achieve the best results, the right layers of atoms must be applied to precisely the right glass within the IGU. The result is a window that beautifully transmits light, insulates against heat loss, easily maintains the best interior temperatures and helps meet ENERGY STAR® and other sustainability requirements.

SunGuard® Solar

Refined beauty and durability in silver. Offers a combination of practical benefits and features, including enhanced chemical and mechanical durability when compared to traditional sputter-coated products.

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Residential glass that welcomes natural light and neutralizes the negative effects of the sun and frigid temperatures

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