Residential partnerships


Residential partnerships

See how we can help you with glass

Working with Guardian Glass means much more than working with cutting-edge glass. It is about success as well: ours and yours. From manufacturing to business support, Guardian has the tools, products, expertise and commitment to add value to your windows, help you handle custom fabrication and be more profitable when you do so. See for yourself how Guardian helps window manufacturers and custom fabricators around the world.

Latest technology

Having the latest products means you need a partner who knows what lies ahead. Guardian Science and Technology Center employs over 100 material scientists and technicians who invent new glass products, improve existing ones and transfer technologies developed for other segments to residential glass. Count on Guardian for all the latest code-driven requirements and voluntary programs for residential window energy performance, plus cost-effective solutions that help you benefit from them.

The benefits of partnership

Guardian Glass industry partners enjoy growth, experience, innovation and technical assistance. We add value to our profitable relationship through constant innovation. Our national and global footprint translates to a convenient and ready supply, while our support runs from glass and insulated glass (IG) processing evaluation to marketing and business development support. We are not going anywhere except forward. Let us move there together.

Operational support

How do you need to efficiently and profitably work with our glass? Guardian is here to help. Whether it is constantly updated user guides, on-site testing or helping you reduce waste and increase efficiency without compromising value, we stand with you every step of the way. With Guardian, you never work alone. We help, from concept through completion, with technical information and quality planning, support and troubleshooting, on-site technical support and much more.

Business support

We take our role seriously as your business partner. Which is why we offer wide-ranging business support that provides training, education, incentives and marketing when and where you’ve told us you need it most. We also provide inventory management and planning assistance, as well as market research and invaluable access to other markets and segments. All of this as we work to innovate across all of our product solutions to better position your business to meet the glass demands of tomorrow. At Guardian, we never lose sight of the fact that our success depends on yours.

Products & product planning

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of float glass and fabricated glass products, Guardian can supply the glass you need. And then some. In any market or region. We can also help you be confident that you are selling the right product today and tomorrow. Whether you need float glass in Long Beach or Luxembourg, low-E coatings, or surface #1 and #4 coatings, laminated, patterned or privacy glass, Guardian is the only glass you will ever need.

Designing for energy performance

Meeting energy performance standards can be a challenge. With so many variables to consider — glass coatings, sash and frame materials, spacer systems, gas fills, gap width — designing IG packages to meet ever-changing regulations and voluntary codes can be a challenge. Your partners at Guardian stand ready to provide the technical support you need to satisfy any performance standard you are trying to meet. What’s more, we understand the operational realities of window manufacturing. So we will work closely with you to ensure the addition of ClimaGuard® coated glass to your production line goes as smoothly as possible.