Commercial application:

Storefronts & showcases

Nothing should be between you and your customer

Retailers want clear views through their glass, so that customers can see their products. Sunny days may be among the best for consumers, but the light reflection and glare have prevented retailers from merchandising to their full potential. Guardian Clarity™ coated glass changes that—offering transparent, crystal-clear views even where there should be excessive glare.

Ideal for retail street level displays, high-end storefronts, museum displays, showcases and any application where excessive glare or reflection creates an obstruction, including car showrooms, restaurants, sporting facilities, zoos and aquariums.

Our solutions

Guardian Clarity™ is an anti-reflective glass that creates an almost perfect, distortion-free viewing experience, even in environments of high glare. With a residual reflection colour that is a soft, neutral blue, the result is maximum transparency and incredible aesthetic appeal. Guardian Clarity™ glass can be tempered or heat strengthened for safety glass applications, making it the perfect glass for storefronts, restaurants and display cases.

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You never underestimate the allure of an interesting street-level display. So make sure that your customers see it with Guardian Clarity™ coated glass.