Glass type:

Enamelled glass

Glass that works like art

Enamelled glass is float glass to which an opaque layer of enamel is added before the heat treatment process. The enamel melts and fuses permanently to the glass surface to form a coloured ceramic layer. Enamelling can be used as decorative or functional enhancements within an insulated glass unit, or coat the glass entirely for cladding and interior applications.

Painted glass

Add major impact to large or small, interior or exterior projects. Design with consistent, bold colour that characterizes beautifully lacquered glass. DecoCristal® coated glass and Deco HT® coated glass are painted on one side with a special organic paint that dries to a lacquered, opaque finish for stunning results. Use DecoCristal® glass inside and the tempered Deco HT® glass either inside or outside.

Painted Glass


Glass coated with an opaque organic paint that dries to a lacquered finish for bright, opaque, highly reflective colour

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Screen printing

Guardian SunGuard® products can be combined with enamelled frit for design and performance purposes. Bold imagery can be silk-screened onto glass, and during the tempering process, these enamels melt and fuse permanently to the glass surface to form a ceramic layer. For a more subtle, functional look, dot patterns may be applied to glass—reducing glass and decreasing light transmission.

Spandrel glass

Spandrel glass can be used between areas of vision glass to conceal building components, such as columns, floors, HVAC systems, wiring and plumbing. Designs calling for large areas of glass, such as curtain walls or structural glazing, often include spandrel glass.

SunGuard® Spandrel HT provides uniform colour on back-painted glass. Guardian’s cutting-edge, proprietary coating brings superior durability to conventional frits prior to heat-treating. After heat-treating, the coating bonds to the glass for a smooth, long-lasting beauty for your architectural projects.