Glass Type:

Jumbo glass

Impress at first sight

Magnificent, large glass makes it easy to express a building’s confidence. Jumbo glass creates grand panels of light that soar, unfettered by framing. Guardian Glass specializes in jumbo glass and coatings that can open up your next project.

Jumbo glass, which can be larger than 130" by 204" (or 11' x 17'), helps you add energy right into your next building interior with clean, abundant natural daylight. And you can do so with glass that has all of the solar control and thermal insulation you would expect from the world’s most prolific sputter coater. Our comprehensive SunGuard® portfolio features high-performance, energy-saving low-E coatings available on jumbo glass.

Why choose Guardian Glass when you go Jumbo

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in jumbo sputter coating, architects and designers across the globe rely on Guardian experts. With 11 jumbo coaters located everywhere from Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, to Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, there is always one located nearby.