Glass Type:

Spandrel glass

Seamlessly durable

No one wants to see structural building components in the middle of large expanses of glass, such as curtain wall and commercial window facades. Spandrels are opaque glass panels located between areas of vision glass, and can be used in monolithic applications (#2 surface) or in insulating glass units. Spandrel glass can help achieve a designer’s original vision for large areas of glass by concealing those columns, floor slabs, HVAC systems, vents, wiring or plumbing. Spandrel glass must be heat-treated to avoid thermal stress breakage.

Our solution: SunGuard® Spandrel HT

The degree of colour and visual similarity of a building’s vision glass and spandrel glass can vary greatly. Guardian SunGuard® coatings for spandrel glass can help architects choose the right combination of vision and spandrel glass for their project. Guardian has extensive experience with spandrel glass applications and can help architects and building owners achieve the desired appearance with SunGuard® Spandrel HT.